11 Nov 2019

Taekwondo sparring combinations book. Steps and kicks. (Video)

Prologue of the 18252 Taekwondo sparring combination, organized by belt ranks book.

When it comes to combat sport, Taekwondo will always be in a state of change. Its varied nature when practiced in oppositional circumstances and the constant technological advances are key factors that must be considered when designing important teaching programs and training plans.

Among the key goals that should be considered when preparing taekwondo trainees is creating a wide and varied technical and tactical foundation. This allows the trainee to easily resolve different situations that present themselves during the fight, as well as quickly and successfully adapt, to any change in the rules competition format or any other external factors.

Instructors should always be conscious that combinations are an important resource for competitive success. However, in practice, the variety of combinations is limited to the instructor’s experience, the current competitive tendency and the curriculum Kup that each school, organization or federation has.

This situation creates a methodological problem based on the disagreement that exists between the limited technical resources that are put in practice and the varied competitive situations that combat presents.

In light of this inadequacy, the first methodological proposal is born, in charge of selecting and organizing the combinations of the combat modality, which must be taught and perfected in each Kup belt grade.

For this purpose, the document has been structured in three chapters:

In the first chapter, we provide relevant definitions about the technique and tactics of taekwondo, which characterizes the current combat modality, and elaborates on the benefits that technical combinations and opportune moments offer for its application.

In the second chapter, we define and explain the technical elements that should be the teaching goal for each Kup belt grade, according to the strict field study results in the combat technical-tactical field and propose methodological indications that facilitate teaching single techniques.

In the last chapter, we provide a comprehensive list of combinations organized in groups of two and three elements for each belt level, as well as offer instructions and methodological steps that guarantee an efficient assimilation, and offer examples of how to apply this instrument in your teaching programs, training plans and exams.

This approach is specially designed for taekwondo trainees that possess a technical grade between white belt 10th Kup and Red belt black stripe 1st Kup. However it still must be used by students that possess higher grades to perfect their technique, high performance athletes, and even for other combat sports that wish to perfect the steps and strikes. We are convinced that this methodological instrument will allow you to enrich and efficiently control the flow of combined actions easily and effectively, with the purpose of preparing athletes to get lasting results in the short term and long term.

The book is Paperback with 406 pages, the dimensions are 21.6 x 2.3 x 27.9 cm and a shipping weight 1.8 Kg. With a cost of $ 29.95 USD.

Libro de Combinaciones tecnicas de Taekwondo por Alain Alvarez

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MsC. Alain Alvarez

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